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You Should be Enjoying Life

Our applications take care of the hard stuff and let you relax while you business and your customers are taken care of. And if there is trouble in paradise you can access the software using the nearest desktop, tablet, or mobile phone seamlessly.

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There's a Better Way to Track Your Clients

The Client Management System you've been looking for is right here. With built in invoicing, appointment tracking, and more, you are ready to take on the world and keep track of everyone in it.

Amazing Web Sites for Amazing People

We create web sites all the time, but we believe everyone deserves a unique web design to embodies their company and its values. We will work with you to create the site that is the perfect match for you.

Learn more about our College Station Web Design.

Dedication to Excellence

Your web site is the first impression for your online customers so we make sure that first impression is an amazing one!

Why hire Fast Track Sites?

Our Philosophy & Vision

We cater to small and medium businesses, startups, and well developed companies. We believe everyone deserves a fair price and the most bang for their buck. Above all, our clients should never feel that they have overpaid for their website.

At Fast Track Sites your business is our business, and we will create the best site possible to increase that business.

Paden Clayton
Founder & Owner

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • My overall experience with Fast track Sites is positive. The tech. support is 2nd to none. This is a great experience for a novice such as myself. Thanks a million!

    Lee Gonzales / Lees Needful Things /

  • No matter how many times we changed our minds, Paden never seemed bothered. Also, he was very accommodating with our hectic schedule.

    Jeff Levy / Innovative Landscape Borders /

  • My experience with Fast Track Sites was conducted in a professional manner. Mr. Clayton exhibiited superior patience in bringing my project to completion.

    Luiz Ruiz - Web Developer / Heliocol, Inc. /

  • The site looks professional, and it was done very quickly.

    Valerie Markert / Vals Photos /

  • Fast Track Sites does awesome work! I had them do my webpage and they did an outstanding job with it. They are very friendly and courteous people. We kicked around some ideas for my webpage; they listened to what I had to say and made me feel like I was part of the process of creating the finished product. I will do more business with Fast Track Sites and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone else.

    Dale McMillan / D.A.M. Computers /

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