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Serial Number Tracking at It's Easiest

The Fast Track Sites Serial Number Tracker System is a professional serial number tracking system that allows easy asset management for IT, HR, or general serial number tacking. It allows for easy editing and organizing and also contains a great Export to CSV feature. Our custom inventory tracking system features cutting edge functions with the ability to easily add more functionality. Whether your business is just starting or is well on its way, the Fast Track Sites Serial Number Tracker System will handle all of your asset management needs with the ability to easily scale for the future. In continuous development since 2008 the Fast Track Sites Serial Number Tracker System has been used by several technology companies as their main serial number tacking system. Our inventory tracking system is made all the more powerful by its new framework our Modular Business Platform. This change allows the Fast Track Serial Number Tracker System to easily integrate with our other applications for better interaction between customers and support staff.

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Who Its For


Don't recode the wheel, our modular system has hooks and tons of customization options.

Business Owners

A great system doesn't have to be difficult, track your assets with ease.

Internet Cowboys

Wrangle your numbers and corral them here!


Serial Number Tracker System Serial Number Tracker System Serial Number Tracker System Serial Number Tracker System Serial Number Tracker System Serial Number Tracker System

A Few of Our Features

What goes into a great asset management system? Here’s just a few things.

Custom Reporting

Easily view all serial numbers in the system using our detailed reports and graphs!

Mobile Friendly

Use the system on any device, anywhere, anytime.


Be an Evil Genius and design the perfect system to track your minions all while using your own logo, colors, and background designs.

Keep it Tidy

All serial numbers are categorized so you can easily find your assets and go on with your day.


Our software is optimized to provide a speedy experience, saving you as much time as possible.


Our solution is affordable on any budget, let us show you how we can serve you and save you money all at the same time.

Professional Version Features

  • Easy Installation
    Begin creating and tracking serial numbers quicker with our easy installation process. Simply upload the module and enable it from the admin panel.
  • Highly Customizable
    Our Serial Number Tracker System utilizes system hooks to easily modify and display data.
  • Create and Track Serial Numbers
    Adding new serial numbers could not be easier using the built-in forms.
  • Create Multiple Asset Categories
    Make organization of serial numbers easier by creating categories to hold different types of assets.
  • Fully AJAX System Allows Table Sorting and Quick Updating
    Nearly all tables in our system allow you to quickly order table columns, many of which allow in-line editing.
  • Export to CSV
    Export serial numbers or assets to a simple to view CSV file for tracking outside the system.
  • Import from CSV
    Import new serial numbers or assets from a CSV file to easily add new items into the system.
  • Integrates with our Client Management System
    Easily associate serial numbers with your clients and handle everyone’s assets from the Edit Client page!
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
    Breadcrumbs make it easier to go up a level without navigating the entire site.
  • Ability to Change System Theme
    Easily customize the Trouble Ticket System to match your colors and branding.
  • Ability to Change System Time Zone
    Make sure your site uses the same time zone you do!
  • Printer Friendly Views
  • Reports and Graphs
    Easily view all serial numbers in the system using our detailed reports and graphs!

Your Benefits

With your purchase of the Fast Track Sites Serial Number Tracker System (FTSSNTS) you will receive 6 months of free updates, support via phone and email, access to modules at a discounted price, and help with custom modules. We are always releasing new features which you get for FREE during your support cycle. Additional support time can be purchased at a discounted yearly rate.


$297.00 $50.00 Add to Cart

& save!

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